Pan style design for light weight and ease of maintenance. Coupled with a Legendary Reproductions Unlimited fiberglass body, makes this combo look and run like the real car.

Powered by a powerful 29cc 2-cycle motor that runs on a gas/oil mix. Power is transmitted to the rear via a cog-style belt and gear setup. Durable enough to reduce maintenance to a minimum. 2-shoe centrifugal clutch helps to keep motor on power band and not lug the engine.

Stopping is done with a disk brake system, which is a 4” aluminum disc with a mechanically operated caliper that gets the car slowed quickly after a run. (See hydraulic brakes under Options section). Our optional full-function parachute will add braking power and realism to the car.



The body is secured in the front by a simple locking latch and can be raised for maintenance. The body can be removed completely from the car by simply elevating the nose.

All of this rolls on our cast aluminum wheels with foam tires.

Shipping is in two containers, and a small amount of assembly is required.


$2,000 USD complete with 29 cc motor.

$1,400 USD less motor, clutch, and drive pinion gear with belt.

Ultra light and innovative modular construction.

Powerful & Reliable 29cc two stroke engine. Set it and forget it! No more tuning nitro engines and more time driving! Runs on regular gasoline with standard 2 stroke oil mix.

Efficient, Clean & reliable belt drive system puts the power to the wheels with smooth quite operation. Standard disc brake is mounted on the axle.

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Precision investment cast ultra light Custom wheels standard!!

Available OPTIONS include tube frame, quick change rear end and hydraulic brakes!


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