QUARTER MORTAR™ An inexpensive, modular, one-fourth scale drag racing car having replaceable, often interchangeable, available parts; constructed of sturdy sheet aluminum and precision machined billet aluminum.



The QUARTER MORTAR ™ car was designed with two goals in mind:


To make available to the sport an affordable quarter scale drag racing car and parts;


To make the car easy to work on or to repair while at the track or at home.


We’ve got a winner here. The modular construction simplifies the operation and repair, having several interchangeable parts. The lightweight, 23 lb. total weight makes acceleration faster. Weight is the worst enemy of the drag car. Parts are made in house or cast diligently and conscientiously by a quality foundry so availability is solid. The style is contemporary as you would see in full-scale cars on today’s race track. You can add bells and whistles to your heart’s desire - and not break the piggy bank.


With OVER 40yrs of toolmaking and prototype work you can be assured that you are purchasing the finest available 1/4 scale cars and accessories!

Please feel free to contact us any time John@quartermortar.com

Actual Customer with his car. When asked to post a picture of his car he replied...


"It is hard to stop making passes with it long enough to take the pic."


Jim Dispennette