Quick Change Rear for your dream projects.


Fully functional rear end with gear changing capabilities. Made from high quality aluminum investment casting. Precision machined for precise fit of bearings, gears, shafts and components. Assembled with high quality gears and bearings. Comes standard with 5.86 : 1 gear ratio. Other gears are available. Input shaft is .500 and axle is .500. Can be cut to any length you need with 3/32” keyways cut where you need them. All internal gears and shaft have keyways with keys and snap rings to retain gears in location on shaft. Castings have been heat treated for strength and will accept a polished surface quite well.


$825 USD

$1500 USD for a pair

Hydraulic Brakes.


Our hydraulic brake system was made to bring better braking and a more realistic appearance to ¼ scale cars. Made of high quality aluminum castings. Heat treated and machined to tolerances and finishes that are necessary for hydraulic systems. Rotors are available in steel or aluminum. Pads are machined from copper bar and give you added braking capabilities. Our hydraulic master cylinder with reservoir is also made of high quality aluminum casting precision machined to tolerances and finishes required for the hydraulic seals. Comes with all fittings and hoses to build a two caliper and two disk rear axle braking system for .500 axle.


$300 USD introductory price

Custom Rear Rims.


Designed for ¼ scale. The cast and heat treated aluminum wheels will add realism to your drag car, and when used with our hubs, will run true and mount the same every time.


$140 USD

Custom Front Rims.


Cast aluminum wheels are designed for ¼- scale cars and are heat treated. Machined to run true. They can accept a high polish. Comes with bearings to accept a ¼” axle.


$120 USD

To order or to discuss the unlimited possibilites Email Us @ John@quartermortar.com


Raco BBS Hydraulic disc brake conversion


The ULTIMATE upgrade for your Raco brand car. Fits the Raco Indy car and Super Mod 2. Will fit other models with modification of the rear trailing arms. Comes with everything seen. 3 awesome upgrades in one package... hydraulic brakes, aluminum wheels and knock offs! Designed to be used with BRP tires.


- 4" BBS Rear aluminum wheels

- 3" BBS Front aluminum wheels

- Front replacement spindles with knock offs

- Rear replacement axle stubs with knock offs

- Front and rear rotors

- Knock off nuts

- Knock off nut tool

- Hydraulic master cylinder

- All lines and fittings included (not shown)



$1200 USD